Water / Wastewater

Expertly Engineered

Rehabilitation methods for wastewater pipeline systems and expertly engineered replacement of potable water lines.

It takes a contractor who knows what they’re doing to help a system realize its full potential. With Miller Pipeline you can have that and more.

Miller Pipeline can expertly engineer the total replacement of potable water lines. They install ductile iron, PVC, fusible PVC, and high-density polyethylene pipe. Their pipe bursting and large-diameter horizontal directional drilling (HDD) services allow them to install a new line with minimal disturbance.

Miller Pipeline also offers a full range of rehabilitation methods for wastewater pipeline systems, covering practically all methods of trenchless technologies. From pipe bursting and internal joint seals to trenchless options such as expanded-in-place PVC liner and cured-in-place pipe, they have it all. They will recommend the solution that best fits your needs and get the job done in a safe, timely, and efficient manner.