Field and office leaders from Minnesota Limited and Miller Pipeline assembled in Orlando, Florida for the 2020 Joint Leadership Conference. This event was held Wednesday, January 15 through Friday, January 17 at the Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort. This year’s theme of Connecting People With Opportunities focused on talent development and growth opportunities for employees in each department. Our two keynote speakers, Mark Breslin and Greg Hill, provided key takeaways on building leadership skills against the backdrop of our current industry.

Every night featured a social function where attendees could network with individuals from different regions and companies, while enjoying food and games. To cap the week off, the Leading With Our Values Awards banquet, held on Friday, January 17, recognized eight leaders who exemplified our core values over the past year. This event is the culmination and celebration of the hard work and dedication that our employees have given to the organization.

What attendees are saying:

“The conference was an eye opening experience where I learned many lessons on improving my work performance. I really do appreciate the hospitality from upper management and fellow co-workers. It’s good to know that I work for a company that shows this much appreciation and respect.”

“Getting to put faces with the voices that you communicate with, and seeing people that you don’t normally see is my favorite part. Getting everyone to hear the same message at one time, is always the best way of communication.”

“I enjoyed listening to all of the different panels speak in the breakouts. The panel setup brought things to a personal level for myself.”

A big thank you to all of our attendees for joining us and participating in this wonderful event! 

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Wednesday, January 15
Great Leaders Make the Connection – Doug’s Welcome Kickoff 
Market Updates 

Thursday, January 16
Alpha Dog – Mark Breslin 

Friday, January 17
Greg Hill Keynote
The Scale of Our Values: Shell Project Highlight
Safety Champions: Leaders Get It 

Breakout Presentations by job title groups 
Making Growth Your Opportunity
General Foremen + Foremen
General Superintendents, Area Managers, Project Managers
Support + Safety

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
General Foremen + Foremen
General Superintendents, Area Managers, Project Managers

Serving People, Building Leaders (Support/Safety) 

Breakout Presentations for all groups 
Leadership Connection
Connecting With Your Team

JLC One Page Summary

Congratulations to our 2020 Leading With Our Values Award Winners!












From left: Kevin Miller (President, Miller Pipeline), James Draughon (Superintendent, Mississippi), Todd Horton (General Superintendent, Michigan), Adrian Nickelson (Superintendent, Indiana), Greg Lindholm (Construction Manager, VA/DC), and Doug Banning (CEO, MVerge)














From left: Ted Crowe (President, Minnesota Limited), Bill Kunkel (Project Foreman), Sam Boydston (Teamster), Travis Pree (Project Foreman), Mike Buric (General Superintendent) and Doug Banning (CEO, MVerge)