Two companies joining together to bring you the best in the industry.

In 2011, Miller Pipeline and Minnesota Limited joined together to create MVerge, an infrastructure services division. As two successful companies, they have established themselves as powerhouses within the oil and gas industries. By collaborating with one another, they bring their individual strengths together as one company that strives to provide more comprehensive solutions to the market.

As an infrastructure services division, MVerge services the transmission pipeline, distribution pipeline, and wastewater rehab markets, providing custom and turnkey solutions for its customers in the oil, gas and wastewater industries. Our workforce is made up of highly trained and skilled employees totaling 4,000+, with headquarters in over 20 states around the US.

MVerge is a family. We are committed to our team and, as such, employees are empowered to continually develop and advance their knowledge, talent and skills. This commitment not only lies with the team at the office and in the field, but also our team of customers, clients, and communities.

We believe in the power of one person, one team, and one company coming together to work toward one goal. With over 100 years of experience between Minnesota Limited and Miller Pipeline, our founding members have set a solid foundation from which we continue to grow, improve, and shine. We accomplish our business model through our four core values: safety, quality, commitment, and reputation. By living out these values, we are able to build solid infrastructure while building long-term relationships. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are MVerge.